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Strategic Alliance

MeetingPack 2017 is organized by the AINIA-AIMPLAS ALLIANCE.

This alliance is aimed at offering global solutions for plastic industries, plastic packaging and food industries, etc. A collaboration that generates a great technological potential and is a reference in food plastic packaging in Europe.

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Why this alliance?

Innovation in packaging is strategic for the plastic sector and for food, cosmetics and phamaceutical industries, users of the packaging. In addition to being the product container, packaging plays today an essential role for the consumer, in its protection, extension of shelf-life, information about its status, marketing and differentiation strategies, user friendliness and preservation.

At the same time it is a key player in sustainability policies. The trend is clear and purposeful towards increasingly environmentally friendly packaging materials, in which renewal, recycling and biodegradation options… will become ever more common.

The complexity of the problems and consumers is leading to new models and paradigms in the market, as well as to the necessary integration of knowledge and technologies, making ambitious technological developments and integral innovative services possible, in which the different work and specialization lines come together.

In the present and future context, companies need ever more innovative products and services and for most of them there is a wide range on offer. Making the appropriate selection demands time, knowledge and taking some risks. This is the reason why, more and more companies demand a single contact person and a comprehensive service.

This alliance is aimed at offering integral solutions to the present needs of the companies, providing the most global and competitive innovation services offer for the whole value chain of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food plastic packaging.

Valencia Parc Tecnológic | c/ Benjamín Franklin, 5-11
46980, Paterna (Valencia)
Telf. +34 96 136 60 90
Valencia Parc Tecnológic | c/ Gustave Eiffel, 4
46980, Paterna (Valencia)
Telf. +34 96 136 60 40

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