• MeetingPack 2019 Congress

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    May 29-30, 2019 | Valencia


Objectives of the Event

MeetingPack is the most important technological-legislative meeting on the international scene related to the food-packaging interaction. An international meeting point and a must for both manufacturers of packaging, materials and equipment, as well as for entrepreneurs, technicians and professionals in food packaging, distribution and other agents.


Create awareness and analyze the importance of the barrier packaging and packaging systems as two main essential constraints for the future of the food plastic packaging. Evaluate how the packaging industry evolves and develops new solutions capable of addressing consumer demands.


Acquire knowledge on how the newest solutions to obtain “Convenience” packaging are well-aligned with food legislation, guaranteeing food security and contributing to satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding consumers.


Promote debate and discussion platforms about problems and solutions related to food plastic packaging, and give insights about the benefits that Industry 4.0 has on the production processes and its traceability. Establish links between this new industrial revolution and the consequences for consumers and food security.


Making the AINIA-AIMPLAS alliance activities known and its role as a service-provision European platform, supporting innovation, technological development and research in food plastic packaging.

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